The highest and longest rainbow snow slide way in the world and its manufactor-shandong jinyao!



Rainbow snow slide is emergine and most hot amusement project now. Visitors ski and playing on rainbow snow slide all seasons! One investment,  benefit all the time! Its Popular among amusement park, playground, resorts and so on. Its the newest and most attractive project you never see before which will attracting lots of visitor for you.



Low investment, high return! No electric fees, water fees or other addtional fees when operating. We assume the playground open 8 hours, 2000 visitors one day, charge 6$-10$ per visitor, so one day net profit is 12000$ to 20000$. All investment cost will be earned back sooner!



Our Jinyao company has designed and finished lots of rainbow snow slide projects. We have professinal R&D team on it.  Among them,  the longest and highest rainbow snow slide project in the world are designed and finished by our company! It is amazing and beautiful project,  I have enclosed videos, pls browser it.



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